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Prefab pools

Concrete pools

Custom designed to meet specific customer requirements.

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Prefab pools

Prefab pools

By the factory given 25 year guarantee.

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This is about pure relaxing at home to get the stress out.

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Bonaire Pools Coral Stone

Coral Stone

Coral stone hardly absorbs heat (which is great here in Bonaire)

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energy saving LED lighting


A well maintained pool keeps it safe, clear and fresh.

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Bonaire Pools Hayward Dealer

Hayward Dealer

All our pomps and accessories come from the well known brand "Hayward"

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Water treatment

Keeping the water free and clear of bacteria, algae and other radicals. Until recently, chlorine treatment seemed to be the most effective method. Chlorine is strong and perfectly capable of keeping the water in optimal balance. But there are also drawbacks to chlorine; the storage, the costs, it bleaches swimwear, skin allergies, it has a […]


Underwater lighting is playing an increasingly prominent role in the pool. From the classic “white” halogen to the most modern LED lighting. The range is enormous. More and more people decide to install energy saving LED lighting. Which means an energy reduction of approximately 80-90%! Available in white or other colors.