Coral Stone

We have Coral Stone available in White and Gold series. The main benefit of using coral stone as pool deck is it’s thermal property. It is hardly not absorbing any heat from the sun.

Besides that it’s not slippery. Therefore it is widely used in our projects.

It’s colors and structures give your back yard, pool deck, or interior flooring a natural look and go very well with other materials and colors.

For many of our prefab pool models we have hand made coping stones available. Thats is the exquisite finish of your pool.

Coral stone for flooring is available in many sizes, most common: 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, 30×60 cm. For pool decks we advise the use of slabs (broken pieces) as this gives you the best anti slip solution available.

Coral Stone is almost maintenance free. Even a glass of red wine won’t damage your floor.