Prefab Pools

In 2009 Hidrofor turned a new direction. Because of the increasing demand for readymade products, we teamed up with San Juan Pools in Florida, USA. The factory produces this type of pool since 1958. Still according to a labor-intensive concept because it still proves to be the best method. The range consists of approximately 60 designs. We have a constant supply of about 10 different pools in various designs and colors.

The advantage of these pools with respect to traditional concrete, is the by the factory given 25 year guarantee. Each product will be delivered with its own serial number. At delivery you get presented a warranty document. This warranty is transferable to any future owners. That makes selling your
property more attractive.

Second advantage is the relatively short installation period. When the pool-hole is dug, we can deliver your pool -ready to swim- within a week. This type of pool we place entirely in-house. The only thing we outsource is digging the hole.