Water treatment

Keeping the water free and clear of bacteria, algae and other radicals. Until recently, chlorine treatment seemed to be the most effective method. Chlorine is strong and perfectly capable of keeping the water in optimal balance. But there are also drawbacks to chlorine; the storage, the costs, it bleaches swimwear, skin allergies, it has a strong smell and the skin feels stiff after swimming in it. At Hidrofor we thought these were enough arguments to search for an alternative;

The saltwater pool

Advantages: The water doesn’t smell, no more bleached swimwear, the water feels silky-soft, the skin doesn’t feel stiff, much more friendly for people with a skin problem, no storage of chlorine cubes and much cheaper in use cause we buy the salt locally at the Salt Company right here in Bonaire.

Nowadays 85% of our assembled swimming pools have a salt system installed. The system is simple; the salt (which is gained in Bonaire) is added to the water and converts into skin friendly chlorides. The concentrations are much lower. Don’t think you might as well fill the pool with seawater. The concentrations would be way too high.
A saltwater pool: You hardly taste it!


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